KAYAS- A Story of Blood and Stone, takes place long before the Earth was formed and the heart of our Sun was forged in the crucible of the cosmos. In a realm where might, magic and high adventure reign supreme.


In issue #1 we follow the tale of a lone rider who is being hunted down. Her cargo is the key to her freedom and to her damnation. She blazes a trail across a foreign land and hopes that she will lose her pursuers in the crystal labyrinth known as the "Dragon Mouth Pass".  The ripple effect of this moment cascades into a chain of events that will echo throughout the lives of all in the realm, especially a teenage boy named Nito. 


Nito has lived his whole life in the "Ever-Growing Forest"and has been trained in martial arts under the watchful eyes of the strange (and stinky) hermit 'Cat Master Lee', 'Trigger' the chain smoking "fowl" mouthed chicken and 'Sissik' a giant and apathetic rattlesnake. But when Nito is entrusted with a rare oddity called a seeker stone, they are thrown into an odyssey of adventure and peril!!

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